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The Pile of Shame Club

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by ODB, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Order 1886 finished, action got far to repetitive by the end, this was the same as my last of us playthrough wanted the game done.

    Tried to be a mash up of various titles, worked in some places didn't in most.

    Graphically for an early ps4 title it looks sweet with some great detail throughout, pity it was let down by some dull gameplay.

    Next up.. Until Dawn
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  2. Survived until dawn, excellent game, playing through was tense, managed to have five survivors by the end, graphically excellent and a really good story.
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  3. I loved Until Dawn. Great game.
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  4. Went on a mission.

    Far Cry 5:
    - Hours of Darkness
    - Lost on Mars
    - Dead Living Zombies

    All done.
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  5. HAWX done

    Originally started this in 360 so a long time coming. Dated but decent.
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  6. Aven Colony done

    Was alright
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  7. Star Wars Battlefront II (2 - As in new one) SP campaign done

    Quite good that tbf
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  8. It has star wars in it, I'm hardly surprised :p
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  9. Ace Combat 7 done

    Good game.
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  10. Halo Wars Definitive Edition done

    Decent campaign
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  11. Haven't played much.

    Did some time trials for gran turismo sport and a few levels of killing floor 2.

    Currently grinding through powgi wordsearch, gets dull and I want to play something, sticking with it until it's done though.

    Also working on castaway paradise, have about 4 or 5 badges left to get, as random each day could take a week or months, still work on my island daily but once it's at 100% complete I may just delete.
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  12. Crackdown 3 done!

    Just fun tbh.
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  13. Powgi wordsearch finally finished.

    started lego avengers dlc bought the season pass cheap months ago, it has about five stories and 20 trophies from playing.
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  14. Halo Wars 2 campaign and both DLCs done

    Good game
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  15. Lego avengers dlc complete, levels aren't to bad, had to do two playthroughs each one plus part way on freeplay for minikits as well.

    I've about three badges left to collect on castaway paradise, should have had two left but the daily challenge reset without warning :rolleyes:
  16. Nice - I have a stack of lego games but havent touched them for ages!

    Last week or so I've been trying out so Apex Legends and playing some MWR lol Got many games i need to go back to but these other games just keep my attention ha
  17. @Hutchydarts has a couple as well he hasn't touched his either. They take a lot of hours to finish especially the later ones worlds are massive.

    I dl MWR again last week, I'd bought it on a sale last year, tried a tdm and got 7-16 on the losing side, was fun but didn't grip me like the ps3 days.
  18. Yeah similar for me. Friends got it with PS Plus and wanted a few games. I dropped back into it like i had never been away hahaha. The frustrating thing is I'm older and my reaction times arent as good lol
  19. That's a load of crap, put the hours in and you'd be able to play just as well as the kids, look at @ODB he's ancient and still goes guns blazing with the young boys.
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  20. lol

    You maybe right and its maybe more practice and keep playing to get back into the game i guess.

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