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The Walking Dead (2012 Game)

Discussion in 'Action & Adventure Games' started by Sharpy, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. This is NOT for the new survival instinct game released this week, this is for the downloadable game on Live, PSN and iOS.

    Did search for a thread but couldn't find one, sorry if i missed it?

    Anyway, this game is a cracker!

    Finished episode 3 today and i can't remember the last time i enjoyed a single player campaign as much as i am with this.

    Got to 2 more episodes left and i don't want it to end!!

    Anyone else played it?
  2. Played up to end of Episode 4 on PC a while back and just got again on the PS+ sale. Reckon it'll work a bit better on consoles. Cracking story. Bits of it really do get to you.
  3. Finished the game 4/5 weeks ago and my girlfriend did her run 2/3 weeks ago. Excellent title game of the year 2012 in our book.

    Great plot, characters etc the option to choose different scenarios works really well seeing them in both playthroughs didn't have it samey.

    At first picked up for platinum once starting playing got lost in the game end of a chapter to see what happens next.
  4. Glad to see the love for it!

    Was surprised to see that there was no dedicated thread tbh.

    It's an amazing game and i would recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it :thumb:
  5. think there bit of chat about it in the PSN weekly update thread but its good to have a dedicated thread now. ive seen a few have brought this in the last PSN store update so interested to see what people say about it.
  6. Just be a bit careful with spoilers. There are some big ones :) Would be interesting to see what decisions we all made come the end...
  7. Purchased this last night on PSN. Looking forward to it.
  8. Finished this today and what a fantastic game!!

    Never thought i would've enjoyed it before i started but absolutely loved it, gutted it's finished tbh:(
  9. But it's not finished! Season 2 later this year i think
  10. I really need to start playing this but waiting to see if the Vita version is cross play
  11. Don't wait! Just dive in. You won't regret it. I've yet to hear anyone not like this.
  12. Thats sounds great but they certainly have a lot to live up to tbh!
  13. A really good game, as I said in the achievements thread, I don't think I have ever played a game where I have felt so involved in the story and characters.
  14. I did ep1 yesterday, as said above is a great concept and you actually get quite attached to some of the characters (and not to others!).

    I will defo buy the remaining 4, as they are only £2 each at the moment for PS+ gay boi's.
  15. not Walking Dead but sticking with the Telltale theme I'm currently playing Jurassic Park with the kids, its actually pretty good and worth getting if cheap. BTTF next probs
  16. Don't get too attached.... :D Caught up now to where i'd got to on my Steam copy so Episode 5 at some point this week. Ep1-4 was just as much fun as the first time around.
  17. I did episodes 2 and 3 yesterday, this really is a great game and I am ashamed to have not played it earlier!
  18. Did you get it on the Xbox Inmate? Only 800 points (~£6) for the whole series. I've only played a bit of the first. Must get back to it.
  19. I got it on PSN, £8.00.
  20. Finished ep4 yesterday, will get ep5 done tomorrow at some point. Great game.

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