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The Wii U

Discussion in 'Wii U' started by RiSKOSD, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Still playing Splatoon and the kids still like it more than COD or BF.

    I had to by a Wii U pro controller but got the Afterglow one from sainsburys for £15. This was so the kids can battle against each other offline, one on the TV and one on the game pad.

    Once you unlock some of the extra special moves attached with the weapons it gets interesting.

    A nice change of pace from the usual online shooter and there's something very satisfying about covering the floor with paint.

    Graphics are top notch too.
  2. So the pro controller can be used instead of motion control?
  3. You can't use the wiimote with this game.

    You can only use the gamepad, old Wii pro controller (that plugs into the wiimote) and the Wii U pro controller.

    You can turn off the motion steering on the gamepad and use normal COD 2 stick controls if you were wondering.
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  4. Really?? Ffs wish I'd known last night
  5. I turned off the motion controls on day one as they had me shooting all over the shop.
  6. Me too but my kids prefer the motion control. Must be an age thing.
  7. And now my kids want the inkling amiibos..................I'd have pre ordered the special edition if I'd have known!
  8. Caved today and bought Yoshi's Wolly world. Looks amazing and olays well. One for the Mrs and me to sit and play in the evening.
  9. I had one for a while.

    I enjoyed it but found the games quite simple and kiddy and there were just too many different controllers and peripherals. I decided instead to just get close equivalents on PC or 360 and move back over to there, like Sonic Racing Transformed, Rayman Origins, stuff like that.

    I liked Miiverse and stuff though that was cool :)
  10. It's still a very decent console.

    Currently playing Yoshi's wooly world which is yes maybe a bit kiddie but it's a bloody good game all the same.
  11. My son's been playing Lego City recently. It looks great, especially the Gamepad implementation.

    I need to get back on Splatoon for a bit.
  12. Lego City is by far my favourite game of all time (I might have mentioned it before), it's not difficult but it's perfectly made and huge.
  13. I have been on the Xbox One pretty exclusively of late, loving it.
  14. I don't even know who you are anymore...............traitor
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  15. Yeah that was an odd post lol (his one about the xbox)
  16. Has anyone bought Fast Neo Racing?
    Looks pretty good fun.
  17. Looked at it, could do with a demo before I take the plunge though. 60fps sounds promising.

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