1. Come on then lets get a list of names down for who's got this so we can start partying up and get some private matched going. http://www.vgforums.co.uk/threads/cod-ww2-ps4-role-call.10312/
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Trials Fusion - Gaming Night

Discussion in 'Community Events' started by VGF Admin Team, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Sounds good bro. It is always a laugh when everyone is on. Do i need the latest DLC?
  2. i think from what tam said before if he got the DLC and hosting it you can use the tracks he chooses even if they the DLC ones. i may be wrong and made that up but im sure its correct lol
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  3. No, riddler has got it so if he hosts we are able to play on the new tracks.
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  4. I'll be playing Resi 6 with @Riddler_Tam tonight so I won't be able to make it...
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  5. boom i knew i was right
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  6. First race of the night @Beigetactics gets to the finish line to come first... Or so he thought.. Video footage contains swearing

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  7. @Riddler_Tam i honestly thought i was finished :rofl: But thanks again for hosting another good night! good laugh!
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  8. Had a race last night with the unicorn and chipmunk... No wait it isn't a chipmunk it's a cat ffs @brunty

    @JMaestr01 then told us a story about a footie guy and a squirrel which you can hear about in this video

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  9. Lol it looks more like puss in boots with a gun
  10. Will be on before 9 to get the tracks sorted for tonight, getting near a reset back to tracks played from a few months ago.
  11. gutted i missed this. you on again anytime soon? @Riddler_Tam
  12. We going to do another night @Riddler_Tam

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