Use PS3 compatible racing wheels or mouse and keyboard on PS4/Xbox One


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Not sure if anyone is interested in this but I thought I would post it anyway.

This is a method to use wheels like the G27 on PS4/Xbox One or use a mouse and keyboard.

The device cost me £9.48 in parts from ebay. There is no need for any soldering skills as the board I used comes with the headers already soldered. Building consists of connecting the wires to each device.

Parts needed for PS4
Arduino Leonardo board -
CP2102 module serial converter
A PC/laptop/Raspberry pi


Instuctions for putting together the device and installing are here

Pic of my device with dualshock next to it for scale

I have used a g27 wheel with driveclub and it works perfectly. I have also tried a mouse and keyboard with BF1 and it seems to be working well although I will need to tweak the sensitivity a bit.

Good luck if you decide to try building one of these. I can add more detailed pics if anyone wants them. If anyone has any questions then feel free to ask.


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Ooh Runcorn's invention corner. I like this

Just a thought but would this able to do a HOTAS setup on console as well?


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Thought I would write an idiots guide, I know that I could have done with one :) As ever if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Installation instructions

Required software
  1. Download Required software listed above
  2. Put parts together – Connect the wires as follows CP2102 TXD to Leonardo RX1 second pin on board. CP2102 RXD to Leonardo TX0 First pin on the board. CP2102 GND to any Leonardo GRD I used the 4th Pin.
  3. Install Arduino Drivers by right clicking on arduino.inf and choosing install

  1. Connect the Arduino board to a PC via the mini usb
  • Open Arduino Builder folder and click on Arduino Builder.exe
  • Choose Arduino Leonardo from drop down menu

  • Click on load sketch hex and navigate to the firmware folders, choose the firmware that you want on the Board
  • EMUJOYSTICKPS3: HID joystick emulation, with 16bit stick axes, for PS3
  • EMUPS3: Sixaxis emulation, for PS3
  • EMU360: 360 pad emulation, for Xbox 360
  • EMUPS4: Hori Pad FPS Plus emulation, for PS4 (with touchpad support)
  • EMUXONE: Xbox One pad emulation, for Xbox One
  • EMUG29PS4: Logitech G29 gaming wheel emulation, for PS4, with force feedback support for Logitech wheels (G27, G25, DFGT...)
  • EMUG27PS3: Logitech G27 gaming wheel emulation, for PS3, with force feedback support for Logitech wheels (G27, G25, DFGT...)
  • EMUGTFPS2: Logitech GT Force emulation, for PS2 (force feedback untested)
  • EMUDFPS2: Logitech Driving Force emulation, for PS2 (force feedback untested)
  • EMUDFPPS2: Logitech Driving Force Pro emulation, for PS2 (force feedback untested)
  • Choose atmega32u4.hex

  • Click on the com port for the Leonardo in the above example mine was COM 5
  • It should display three circles showing memory usage if done correctly.
5. Unplug the device from the computer
6. Connect a usb cable from the PS4 into the Arduino mini usb
7. Connect the C2102 end of the device into a PC
8. Connect a PS4 controller to the PC by USB.
9. Start up the PS4
10. Run the GIMX software and choose a profile then press start.

If all goes well you should be greeted with a screen shot like this

11. The program disables mouse and keyboard on the PC to exit the program press Shift+Escape

Don't think that I have missed out any steps but I probably have. Tried to format this but got bored halfway through so the post may look a mess.​


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Thanks @ODB

Have now put the device in a temporary project box (old laptop adapter power brick) to protect it until I manage to get a more permanent home for it. I held the USB cords with some velcro tape.