VGF Matchmaking Thread


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Think of swiping right and finding a match...but know who you're looking for in this thread.

Be it for gameplay, trophies, whispering over the microphone...

Post your wants in here and see if anyone is up for it!



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I'll kick things off.

I'm looking for help on trophies on the following:

Zombie Army Trilogy - again, need a few co-op trophies! Played online a bit last night and there are people playing but it isn't consistent
FIFA 17 - need a bit of help getting the online ones done...but I also need boosting for the Online Draft! I don't think anyone has 4 separate accounts on here though do they?

Gameplay (and trophies):
Dying Light The Following - bought the game for the DLC and the trophies so a bit of trophy bashing and gameplay