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VGFL owners franchise (simmed league)

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by deanomcfee91, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. @VGFL Member

    I'm thinking of running a owner style league. Kind of like a football manager type game.

    You will pick your team and build them the way you like. Trade, cut, change position and develop players any way you would like. Want to try that shiny new WR you just drafted at RB? You can. No trade limits, No position issues. Set your roster and see what happens. User skill doesn't come into it.

    As the owner you will have access to all the other options available in madden.
    Media relations
    Merchandise/ticket prices
    Fan interest
    Staff development/changes

    Advance will be every 24 hrs. It could be quite interesting and a good laugh. Who can become the Top owner.

    If your interested put your name down here.
    1. @deanomcfee91
    2. @Allan Rodgers
    3. @Bartell
    4. @Wacil
    5. @Eaglewolfenstein
    6. @newportdragon
    7. @Keeno
    8. @DT15
    9. @Kallax4
    10. @Dobko
    11. @brunty
    12. @Bigeasyry
    13. @Fraser Oliver
    #1 deanomcfee91, Oct 19, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2017
  2. Im up for it, But playing a game might hard for me.
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  3. ?

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  4. I'm in

    Would we start with fantasy draft? Just simmed draft tho?
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  5. Sorry - Was traying to say: to play a game every Day, might not be possible for me.
  6. Games are simmed. Your basically just the manager. We let the engine do the work.
  7. I'm unsure mate we could vote on it.
  8. Fantasy draft simmed would be awesome fun. No picking team based on OVR then. Each team will still end up with strengths and weaknesses but overalls will be more balanced. Could be fun
  9. I'm in
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  10. Yeh man could really do with a full 32 so we don't have players trying to abuse trades with CPU.
  11. I'm in
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  12. Only issue with that is it messes with all the contracts.
  13. Yeah boy keep it coming.
  14. I'm in
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  15. It is worth a try I’m in
  16. Don't have the time buddy. Sorry
  17. Yeah fuck it put me down sounds fun hopefully better at that then playing the actual game
  18. I've already added you buddy.
  19. @VGFL Member anyone else? I'd like to get this up and running this weekend

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