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What are you currently playing?

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by ODB, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. So I finished MW3 campaign the other day but haven't a clue what to play next. Got me thinking that maybe one of you guys is playing something good that could inspire me to play it.

    So thought it would be a good idea to have an ongoing thread where you post what you're playing currently...who knows, someone else could be playing it too!
    Even if your playing more than one post them up!
  2. Skyrim. Top game. MW3 is but a distant memory. I'll play it again, but I've got a feeling I have at least 2 weeks worth of it left if I'm to do everything i.e all quests and get the platinum.
  3. Playing MW3 and Bodycount at the mo'. Want to get the play for BC but the online is dead so it's quite hard!

    Will possibly go on to (or back to) inFamous next...or Rage.
  4. So at a loss what to play last night I decided on something a little different so I installed Resident Evil 5 on my PS3 and started 'Prey' on 360.

    Prey was dated but had something special about it....quite mad being able to walk up walls etc and go through portals. Pretty mad! There are these weird door things, a guy told me to follow him then disappeared! Spent ages looking for him then noticed when I looked through this small thing on the ground that I thought was just pipe work...that one one side saw straight out the other side but the other side was something completely different?! These are doorway type things but must be portal things. One bit I was on you walked into a room and there was this small stone like thing in a cabinet...ignored it and carried on through a portal that was just ripped in space time and then I was walking about on this rocky surface, suddenly one of the Aliens was there but was HUGE, then I realised the portal had put me ontop of the small rocky thing in the cabinet and this 'huge' Alien was normal size looking in. Pretty messed up. I would have played more but I died and I though autosave would cover me but it took me right back to beginning of the level so I'm going to have another go at some point cause it looks good. I've seen some have already said that Prey 2 could be the biggest game of the year and tbh I can see why, cause even though its old its doing something new

    RESI I found REALLY hard! I couldnt get used to it at all. I've played it before but never had a proper go. I find controls really hard, the stop and shoot thing does my head in...no movement whilst shooting..WTF?! I must have done the bit at the end of the 1st level about 10 times before I did it...apparently running in Resi is the key! There was me trying to shoot myself out of it. i also find the control scheme really frustrating, takes an age to equip things etc and in the middle of being overrun it can be a nightmare! Think I did the first 2 levels before I realised it was 2am so I'll be going back to this as it does look good

    so who else is playing what?
  5. I totally agree with the stop/shoot thing mate. Hugely annoying, which is why it's been changed for RE6. It is a great game though. As I'm sure Tam/Milky will testify too though, RE5 is massively enjoyable, even more so if you play co-op with someone. Give me a shout if you fancy it sometime.

    What am I playing atthe moment? Er, BF3, BF3 and then after that some BF3! :rotfl:

    I do REALLY need to play something else though as my list of backdated games is huge. Maybe I should take some time off and finish them all?! :lol:
  6. Im like you Hoo, MW3 errmmm MW3
  7. And now BF3?! :thumb up:
  8. Millsy I see your on BF3....you'll soon be hooked! If the Vita gets official remote play then I'll be on BF3 MP on it lol

    Hoo - might take you up on co-op some time, this being my first resi game I could DEFO do with the help (I've only ever played a demo before of Resi 2 on PC). Looks great though, if they made the combat element more fluid and made the inventory easier to work with so things you will need quickly could be done with a touch of a button rather than having to go via inventory during a battle then I think they'd sell loads more copies. The zombies dont scare me, its thr thought of having to get something out of inventory mid battle that does lol

    Could also do with knowing the enemy types...I spent ages trying to take out the executioner thing in the 1st level...didnt realise you were supposed to run away!
  9. Currently playing MW3 most of the week and GT5 on wednesdays for eaglesteins league.

    for my single player fix I have been collecting riddler trophies on batman ac i think I am currently 200+ out of 440 I go back for 20-30 minutes of looking only to have seen the time fly over a few hours as I have been enjoying it that much.

    this game has really been a joy to play stuck to the storyline to begin with tagging trophies along the way for when I finished the game to go back and collect them with a fully kitted batman.

    Resi evil 5 is a good game solo but co-op is where it makes it a great game. working as a team to finish objectives, no dodgy ai wasting items or pick ups, have also felt a feeling of achievement after both me and milky took down various bosses or working out puzzles after a few times of trying (dying ;) ).

    the major factor with difficulty is the lack of power from the weapons in the beginning check everywhere for gold, gems etc this will help later in the game to level up the weapons to take enemies down more. we have our inventory split with different weapons/ammo think the handgun and shotgun are the only ones we have the same.

    I am sure there is quick access to the inventory with the d-pad to save you going in and out of the screen mid battle either that it holds 4 items for each d-pad section for quick changing.
  10. cheers Tam I'll check D-Pad next time cause I seriously struggled last night. I also need to pick up the gold I've been leaving then :oops:
  11. I thought RE5 was excellent. Yes, that first bit is well hard at first, but I remember RE4 on the Wii being difficult to start with. I got the platinum for it I liked it that much :)
  12. we got into a routine of clearing a area of enemies then searching for anything that could be destroyed for ammo and treasure don't worry about missing treasure as you can replay chapters and pick all up again.

    I think our save is sitting just after a cave type level where it had a lot of treasure to pick up we mentioned about farming that particular level to get our weapons up a bit more :rotfl:

    found this at wikicheats:

  13. On the final chapter of the final act of Gears 3. Don't want it to end. Am giving up on Rage, but may start RDR ... I have the complete version for the Xbox.

    Must also have another pop at RE5 with the Sharpshooter. I got stuck at the end of that first bit too.
  14. I'd well recommend RDR Sway. Fantastic game! I spent hours playing it so give me a shout if you need any tips. If you enjoy it the Undead Nightmare DLC is worth it too. Adds a nice twist and new dimension to the main game.

    I went into Game at lunch today to see what they had as I have £40 of reward points to spend before Game go tits up (rumours are they may go into administration soon). Wasn't anything I could see new I fancied so I was looking at the 3 for 2 on the pre-owned. I was thinking of getting Mass Effect 2 and Zumba (Tracy wants it) but couldn't see anything really to get as the 3rd game. Thought about Homefront or Medal of Honour but I have BF3 as my FPS I choice and neither were meant to be that great anyway.
  15. Hoo...u can borrow my ME2 if you want?
  16. ODB, need to add you on PSN, happy to play Resi online with you too if you fancy.

    Was playing Skyrim for an age but it keeps freezing on me so I'm going off of it a bit so trying other games.

    Need to get into Arkham City, and then of course there's MW3 online.
  17. I'll add u when next on mate. Could do with a FL cleanup actually. Shame you can't add/sort via a pc like with XBL, could do it at work then
  18. Gears completed on hardcore. Epic finale.

    Cheers Hoo. It's the complete one so all DLC (inc Undead) is included. must get back to AC2 as well.
  19. Really hope not, ive got 40 quid trade in value at gamestation. Nothing really good comes out until march...
  20. RDR is a triumph of gaming IMHO. I stopped playing cause I didn't want it to finish. Sad or what!

    U gonna go on the Raam DLC or wait for reduction? It's about 3 hours long. Gutted that the Delta Squad story is over, I still get sad when I think of 'that' moment in the game :( that bit when he told his dad via security camera I swear I had a tear in my eye

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