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What are you currently playing?

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by ODB, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Been trying to get through the main missions on GTA IV before GTA V comes out. I reckon I have about 20ish to go.
    I got the Complete Edition so will play the Episodes from Liberty City at a later date. also downloaded GTA Vice City from the PSN Store, so it's going to be GTA galore for me for the foreseeable future, with a massive dollop of FIFA 14 mixed in for good measure.
  2. No platinum for this title and if you want the full 100% will have to purchase dlc.

    Currently playing superfrog hd two trophies away from the 100% and on-line with nfs which has been a good laugh, other than that struggling with what to play so many games so little time
  3. I got the Complete Edition off the Store too. To be honest I enjoy the music and the dialogue more than the gameplay but for £6.49 I'll not be bothered about completing and it's sat on my HDD for whenever I fancy a mission. Dunno if I'll jump at GTA V tho.
  4. If you like the music and radio stations try GTA Vice City. I bought it for the radio stations alone. Absolutely brilliant..... if you don't mind camp 80's music. :oops:
    There was a post on HUKD saying if you pre-order GTA V from the PSN Store you get 75% off any other Rockstar title. Then cancel your pre-order and you're done. I tried it, it worked and I got Vice City for £1.99. :thumb:
  5. I am the same bought gta4 from a recommend by my bil and didn't think it was up to much, could see why it would appeal but just didn't grab me hence reason I am not on the hype train for gta V.
  6. Bugger! Ah well, 13 trophies in 10 hours? DLC a further 10 more? Bottom of the queue you go! Although, it is enjoyable…may jump back onto it at some point!

    BlOps2 it is then for me…and maybe some NFS (wasn’t in the mood last night).
  7. Yes mate I've got quite a few I'm on the second island but it just seems to be similar missions as the first with slightly harder enemies
  8. Went to try stealth inc: a clone in the dark for 10 minutes to see how it was ended up putting in 1+ hour and going to play more tonight.

    neat little platformer using stealth to clear the levels starts of as simple as hiding in shadows and then moves onto triggers to levitate floors to get rid of enemies or moving blocks to create shadows to hide in.

    As you play the levels messages appear on the walls when the light is shifted, which although adding nothing to gameplay are a neat touch when it comments on a section you have just cleared to move onto the next area.

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  9. I played Infamous Festival of Blood over the past two days. Had it sat on the hard drive for ages. Really enjoyed it, but it was a bit short. Definitely whet my appetite for Second Son when it releases on PS4. Next Gen super powers! Go!

    Downloaded the demo of Zombi U today as well. Going to try it out and splash out £12 on the Wii U store if I like it. It's on sale until tomorrow. Could get it cheaper from CEX, but it'd be nice to actually support the devs for a few quid more.
  10. I enjoyed this too, good fun, I especially liked the night-flight move were you turn into a load of bats :)

    I'm currently working on KIllzone 2 on Elite to get my platinum - can't believe that one day I may actually plat my favourite game!
  11. That was a great move, especially if you hit them straight in the chest!
  12. Mainly CS:GO, Second Life and Inworldz (yeah I like social games - sorry!).

    Also keep getting an urge to return to Contagion! That game is quality :)
  13. Had a look at my outstanding games and wish I hadn't, to much to play loaded some last night only to switch off for another.

    I'm definitely going to have to stick to a couple of titles though, I loaded everybody's gone to the rapture to find I don't actually know where I've to go next as been so long since I played it.

    Ended up spending time in my system saves deleting titles I started only a few chapters with and will play one or two until complete from now on.

    Uncharted trilogy is a good start also have twisted metal: Black and beyond eyes for my trophy fix.
  14. Rainbow 6 very good
  15. Dying Light. Thanks very much to @Riddler_Tam for reminding me how great this game is. Better in online co-op but with no broadband at the moment due to a house move, beggars can't be choosers.
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  16. Bought flower after having some credit left getting Connor the season pass for blops III.

    Has always been a title that caught my eye after trying the demo on ps3, glad I picked it up as I enjoyed it a lot, another indie title to my collection.

    Here is me playing the first section of world one:

  17. That has to be the gayest and shittiest game I have ever seen!
  18. Then it would be right up your street you big poof :p

    Ah I see you don't like it because flowers come from the same place as seeds are planted :rolleyes:
  19. We all know where you like to plant your seed you big kilt-lifter!
  20. And we all know where you like to plant yours.. just come out of the closet you brokeback loving man lover :rofl:
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