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Which VR Headset do I rent?? Advice needed!!

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by sam_s1, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm a student at the moment so unsurprisingly funds are tight but I'm a massive gamer and I really want to try out a VR headset. I've done some research and I've found a site that will let me hire a VR headset for a few days which seems pretty ideal to me.

    As this is going to be a one off for me I want to make sure i get one which A) i can use, B) has a decent games library. My options are: PS4 Vr, HTC Vive and the Oculus rift DK2.

    I should point out i own a ps4 and a PC with a gtx 1050. Would i be able to run the PC headsets or is it simpler to go with Ps4? (i should also note the ps4 one is most expensive to hire).

    I found them here -

    Fat Lama | Rent Almost Anything

    Fat Lama | Rent Almost Anything

    Fat Lama | Rent Almost Anything

    Any and all help would be amazing! Would appreciate any advice whether it be technical/hardware stuff or just a recommendation!

  2. google specs for decent gaming on rift, if ur pc good enough get that if not go for psvr

    think psvr better for games though the resolution not as good obs
  3. got a feelin I fell for some.....

  4. Ahaha no spam don't worry.

    Yeah im worried gtx1050 just isnt powerful enough so gonna go PS4VR and try out resident evil 7 perhaps?

    Thanks for the advice though!
  5. yeh a decent pc with oculus etc will look better than psvr I believe ps4 got da games though.

    Getting my vr in next few days...fukin hyped!

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