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Who is playing what tonight?

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by Riddler_Tam, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Created as part 1 reached 1000 posts old.

    Will be on playing a bit of lego batman II try break into the trophies then some blops and few games of fifa.
  2. Trying to beat 60M on geometry wars touch.
  3. Who's playing what tonight
  4. I'm playing with my todger
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  5. That time of year again :pmsl:
  6. Yep, December to December :pmsl:
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  7. And they say DIY sex isn't satisfying
  8. For some of us its the only option :thumb:
  9. Resurrecting this old thread. Not to tell you what I'm doing this weekend, but to see who is playing what tonight. I'm up for something ... dunno what tho and open to suggestions. Just been watching Booga monstering on Uncharted 4 Beta. Is that the hot thing this weekend?
  10. I'll be on tonight matey.
  11. I shall be about tonight, and open to suggestions.....the kinkier the better.
  12. Who changed the thread name? Good on ye.

    Girls, go download that Uncharted beta.
  13. I moved it, I remembered this was available to use.

    Been trying the beta and it's very good had a good k/d and runs very smooth, unfortunately won't be on for long my hamster connection is hampering play not good enough.. Kick in the balls for bt I reckon.
  14. Didn't move it out of the ps3 section though did ya
  15. No leave it to your moderation thanks :Double finger:
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  16. Mod wars. It's like Quadrophenia all over again.
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  17. Shut up Marvel boy
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  18. Admin vs mod.. Mod is winning so far but the butt hurt of a prank call still hurts him..

  19. Sorry Swayndo, had to sort some stuff out upon my return. Bloody kids.
  20. No worries had Sparticus and Booga for company. Uncharted 4 multiplayer was fun-ish.

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